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*I have 15 years of customer service experience and 10 years of making people feel comfortable in my chair. Having worked in a salon I could have been a therapist. Not only is this helpful with clients, but being in front of the camera can be a vulnerable experience. I am the first person your model spends time with and I try to give them the most relaxing experience possible so they can give you their best on set.

*Not only do I follow direction well, but my experience on set lends itself to quick decision making. We can easily work together to change a plan. I can let you know how long something is going to take and shortcuts we can effectively use. I am also aware of the latest trends to add to any look, and I know what accentuates each model's features best.


*As a licensed professional I am well versed in sanitation, how to practice a safe environment for everyone involved, and what to do should someone come in with a concern for us (lice, open wound, etc). The few times I have encountered lice I was able to contain the situation, quietly notify the producer, and advise the studio how to sanitize after.

*Your models are literally the face of your product. Hair and makeup is an important decision. My qualifications make me the perfect artist for your job. Please check out my website at

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